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changingsound - 1 How is the sound made when you blow into...

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Task 1 : Can you make a sound out of an art straw? Was the sound you made high or low?  Was it loud or quiet? Investigate : How can you change the pitch and volume of the sound? Task 2 : Can you make a sound out of an elastic band? How? Investigate The changes made to the sound with: a) A short and a long elastic band, b) A stretched and loose elastic band, c) A thick and a thin elastic band. What do you notice?   Task 3: If you have finished think carefully about what you have found out.  Can you suggest reasons for any of the things you have observed?  These questions might help you:
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Unformatted text preview: 1) How is the sound made, when you blow into an art straw? How is the sound made through an art straw made higher or lower? Can you explain why this is? 2) How do you get a loud sound from an elastic band? Why do you think this is? Is there more than one way to change the pitch? Why do you think this is? Think back to when we made our string telephone. Using information from your findings today, can you explain why it was better to make sure the string was tight when using the string telephone?...
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