floating_and_sinking_LD - _____________________ Why do you...

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Name: _________________________ Date: ___________________ If two objects have the same mass will they both float? ____________ Why? __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Investigate 1) Get a bowl and fill it with 2 pints of water. 2) Get a lump of plasticine. 3) Weigh the plasticine and make a note of its mass. 4) Mould the plasticine into a shape. 5) Make a prediction, do you think it will float or sink? 6) Put your shape in the water. 7) Note the results in the table. 
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Name: _________________________ Date: ___________________ What did you find out?  ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: _____________________ Why do you think this happened? Now answer the first question again. Is your answer the same? If two objects have the same mass will they both float? ____________ Why? __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Shape Draw a picture of the shape below. Mass Float or Sink? Prediction Result Name: _________________________ Date: ___________________ I flattened out my plasticine And set it in the tank And do you know the cheeky thing Turned round and slowly sank. But when I took it out again And shaped it like a boat It wasnt cheeky anymore For it began to float. Albert Crawford...
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floating_and_sinking_LD - _____________________ Why do you...

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