Sh_readingdark - My location My eyes The distance from the writing How I will measure My prediction I think that will make it hard for me to read

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I will try to read a simple word in different places with different amounts of light and   dark. Dark      investigation     Location How well could I read? Classroom Under table covered with a sheet My teacher’s cupboard Name: These things I will keep the same (fair testing): My eyes. The location. The writing. My lunch. How I measure. In my investigation I will change just one variable. This will be:
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Unformatted text preview: My location. My eyes. The distance from the writing. How I will measure: My prediction: I think that ________________________________ will make it hard for me to read the words. Target I recognise that it is impossible to see in the dark. My results: The ___________________________ was the hardest to read. This is because...
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