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L.O. To use knowledge of circuits to design a switch to turn a device on and off Not all switches work in the same way; there are different switches to work the different electrical appliances in our homes. For example, we would expect a light switch to turn the light on and keep it turned on, but we certainly would not want this to happen with the door bell. In this science challenge you need to use your knowledge of electrical circuits and how switches work to design a switch for a purpose. Task 1 (must) I need a switch that will turn my light on and it will stay on until I turn it off. Materials you can use: Card
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Unformatted text preview: Paperclips Scissors Paper fasteners 3 wires 1 battery Bulb and bulb holder Task 2 (should) I need a safety switch that would be suitable for my lawn mower or drill. It must only let the device work when I am holding or pressing the switch. Materials you can use: I wooden peg Aluminium foil Glue Scissors 3 wires 1 battery 1 motor Task 3 (could) I need a switch that could be used for a burglar alarm. I would put it under my door mat so that if anyone trod on it, the alarm would go off! It needs to be quite flat. Materials you can use: Card Scissors Sponge Aluminium foil Glue 3 wires 1 battery 1 buzzer...
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