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Will it work? Draw circuit diagrams for the following descriptions, then state whether it will  work and why. e.g. a cell, bulb and closed switch This circuit will work because the electricity can flow from the battery (cell) through the switch to   the bulb and back to the battery (cell). (Assume all wires connected as normal unless stated) 1. no cell, a bulb 2. a cell, a bulb, an open switch
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Unformatted text preview: 3. a cell, a buzzer which has one wire not connected 4. two cells with the positive terminals facing each other, a motor 5. a cell, a bulb, a closed switch 6. a cell, two bulbs 7. a cell, a bulb, a closed switch, both wires connected to the positive terminal 8. a cell, two switches opposite each other (one is open, one is closed), a bulb...
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