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Materials assembly Good morning and welcome to year 2s assembly on materials. There are many different materials in the world. The main ones are:- Wood Paper Glass Fabric Plastic And metal Within each of these groups are many types of the material. Different trees give different types of wood, such as oak which is really hard, long lasting and has been used for building houses and ships, and balsa, that is light and soft can be easily carved into models. Metals include iron and steel, aluminium, copper and precious metals like gold and silver. Fabrics can be manmade like nylon or natural like wool, silk, leather and cotton. Papers include cardboard, tissue paper, writing paper and crepe paper. Materials have different properties. They can be soft or hard, stiff or bendy, magnetic or not magnetic, see through or not see through. It is important to choose the right material to make an object, otherwise the object will not work properly. Imagine a window made of wood, not glass. Windows need to let in the light, so you need to fill the frame with a transparent material. We did weaving with different materials. Some were easier to bend than others. SHOW WEAVINGS Do you know the rhyme London Bridge is falling down? It is based on a true set of events The first Roman bridge was built out of wood by the Romans. It had to be replaced because it got swept away by storms, and a later bridge caught fire. Later it was built of stone, but then people built houses on the bridge and the weight caused the bridge to collapse.
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In 1831 it was rebuilt in granite – the hardest stone. But in 1906 they discovered that this bridge was sinking, so another new
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materials_assembly_y2 - Materials assembly Good morning and...

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