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solids_and_liquids_assessment - Name Date Solids and...

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Name:_________________________ Date:________________ Solids and Liquids Assessment – Unit 4D 1) Name two  solids ______________        and   ________________________                                                                 2) Name two  liquids _____________         and  _________________________ 3) Write two facts about  solids 4) Write two facts about  liquids ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________ ______________________________________________ 5) Look at the words below, put a circle around all the  solids. water sand brick milk wood salt orange juice plastic 6)  Read these sentences and decide if the facts are  True or  False.      Write a  T for true and a  F for false next to each of the sentences. a) Liquids always take the shape of the container they are poured into. ____ b) If you pour liquid from a small container into a big container the volume of the liquid gets bigger.____ c) You can pour some solids____ d) It is easy to hold liquid in your hands____
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