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GASES AROUND US Name * 1. Which of the following is NOT a gas? -Air -Car exhaust fumes -The sea 2. You blow up a balloon. Is it heavier or lighter than the uninflated balloon? -Heavier -Lighter -They weigh the same 3. When you squeeze a sponge under water, what are the bubbles that escape? -Pieces of sponge -Air coming from the spaces in the sponge -Water 4. Which of these is NOT true? -Gases are more easily squashed that solids and liquids -Gases spread out to fill all the space they can -The surface of a gas stays level if you tip the container 5. What is the name of the process when a liquid changes to a gas? -Evaporation -Condensation -Melting 6. What happens to a puddle on a pavement when it has stopped raining? -It stays there forever -it gradually gets smaller -It gradually gets bigger 7. How do you smell liquid perfume from an open bottle the other side of
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Unformatted text preview: the room?-The liquid travels through the air to your nose-The liquid evaporates to a gas, which travels to your nose-You can't smell a liquid that's not right under your nose 8. What makes lemonade fizzy?-Bubbles of gas called carbon dioxide-The lemon flavour-The water 9. Which will evaporate the quickest?-A glass of water left in a room at a temperature of 18°C-An identical glass of water left in a room at a temperature of 25°C-An identical glass of water left in a room at a temperature of 14°C 10. Which one of these best describes a gas?-My particles are packed tightly together. I keep my shape.-My particles are loosely packed. I take the shape of my container.-My particles have lots of room. I try to spread out in every direction....
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