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Unformatted text preview: Solids, Liquids and Gases Solids, March 2006 March By the end of this lesson you will know: what a ‘material’ is what we mean by ‘property’ what what the properties of solids, liquids and what gases are gases Materials Everything is made from some sort of Everything ‘material’ ‘material’ Materials are made up of lots and lots of Materials tiny pieces These tiny pieces are known as particles Solids, liquids and gases are all made of Solids, lots of particles Properties The property of a material tells us The something about what it is like… something Materials may be hard, soft, shiny, rough Can you think of any more? Can Solids A solid is something that we can hold on solid to to A solid keeps its shape, unless we cut it or solid shape it ourselves In a solid, all of the particles are packed In together very tightly together Liquids Liquids are runny They can be poured They The particles are less tightly packed, so they can move about packed, If poured from one container to another, they will take the to shape of their new container shape Gases The particles in gases have lots of room to The move Gases are all around us Gases They spread into all of the empty places They they can Most are invisible Most An example – water Water can be a solid, a Water liquid or a gas liquid When it is cold it is When solid – ICE When it is at room When temperature it is a liquid – WATER liquid When it is hot it is a When gas – STEAM Your turn!! Having learned about the properties of Having solids, liquids and gases I’ like you make a list of all of those you know about already ...
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