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changing_materials_glossary - hold things e.g a bag a tin...

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0 Glossary Temperature – How hot or cold something  is. Temperature is measured in Degrees  Celsius(  C) Thermometer – We use it to measure  temperature. Thermal Conductor – Material that lets  heat pass through it. Thermal Insulator – Material that does   not  let heat pass through it. Volume  – The amount of liquid in a  container. Volume is measured in  millilitres (ml) or (cm ) centilitres (cl)  1cl = 10ml litres (l)       1l = 1000ml or 100 cl 3
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Glossary Boil - To change a liquid into a gas  Container – Any object that can be used to 
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Unformatted text preview: hold things e.g. a bag / a tin Evaporate – To change into a gas Freeze – To change a liquid into a solid Freezing point – Temperature at which a liquid changes into a solid The freezing point of water is 0 C Gas – Something that fills a space and is not a solid or a liquid e.g. air or water vapour (steam) Liquid – Something that flows easily Melt – to change a solid into a liquid Solid – something that has a definite shape and volume O o...
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