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Activity Planner Subject: Science unit 4C Week No. Activity No. Length of sess. Activity KEEPING WARM Resources Links with Other subs 1 1 ½ hrs L/O To know that sense of touch is not an accurate way of judging temperature. Focus: Identify touch as a method of telling whether things are hot or cold and that it is not very accurate particularly when differences are small. Introduction: Present children with a bowl of iced water, a bowl of water at room temperature and a bowl of warm water. Ask them to judge their temperature- how could it be tested? Why can’t you tell how hot the water is by looking at it? Activity: Touch the three items then draw and write ideas about how hot each is. Is it always easy to tell by using sense of touch? What about if there were only slight differences? What about if something was very hot or cold? Differentiation: Less able to draw what happened and write a few sentences describing the activity. More able to write in detail giving reasons for the results. Plenary: How else can temperature be tested? Vocabulary: Temperature, hot, cold, warm, tepid, luke-warm, thermometer. Health and Safety: Do not touch ice immediately after it is removed from freezer. Water to be ‘warm’ rather than ‘hot’.
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keeping_warm_lessons - Activity Planner Subject Science...

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