boiling_and_evaporation - Boiling and evaporation...

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Unformatted text preview: Boiling and evaporation Investigation To see if evaporation takes place when we boil a kettle. Method We are going to measure the amount of water we pour into a kettle. Then we will boil the kettle. After the kettle has boiled we will pour the water into a measuring jug to see how much water there is left. Prediction I think that: __________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Results Amount of water at the start _____________ Amount of water after boiling _____________ Conclusion Put the following labels on the diagram to show what happened in your experiment. Then write a sentence to explain what happened and why below. Heat Steam Liquid Gas Evaporation __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________...
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boiling_and_evaporation - Boiling and evaporation...

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