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Unformatted text preview: THE WATER CYCLE THE 4..Rain water 4. Rain water 4 4. ffallsto form alls to form rivers. rrivers. ivers. rivers. 4 4 3 3 3..Water 3. Water 3 3. vapour vapour condenses to condenses to form clouds fform clouds orm form 2 2 2..Water vapour 2. Water vapour 2 2. is carried up is carried up into the air. iinto the air. nto into 5 5 5..Rivers 5. Rivers 5 5. fflowinto low into the sea tthe sea he the 1..Water 1. Water 1 1. evaporates evaporates evaporates evaporates 1 1 THE WATER CYCLE THE A A A. SNOW AND A. ICE ON B. RESERVOIRS B. MOUNTAIN TOPS ARE MADE TO MELT AND FLOW STORE WATER INTO RIVERS INTO FOR OUR USE FOR B B D D C C C. WATER FROM C. RESERVOIRS IS CLEANED AT WATER WORKS AND PUMPED TO OUR HOUSES OUR D. WASTE D. WATER FROM OUR HOUSES IS CLEANED AT THE SEWAGE WORKS AND TASK TASK • Write down in the correct order the 5 events Write in the water cycle in • Label the events 1 – 5 • Write down the other 4 events with their Write correct label A, B, C or D correct • Colour and stick the water cycle diagram into Colour your books your • Heading – THE WATER CYCLE Heading THE AT PLAY AT AT WORK AT WORK AT HOME AT ENVIRONMENT ENVIRONMENT DANG NATURE ERS! THE BEAUTY OF WATER THE TASK TASK NAME: NAME: Fri Drink Toilet Showe r Bath Teeth Face Hands Other drinks dishes Waste Sat DIARY Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu TASKS TASKS At School At Home • Water used • Tally • At home • Waste • • • • 4 uses of water 4 labels 4 pictures Heading – Heading USES OF WATER USES ...
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