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water_cycle2 - The Water Cycle… The Water Cycle… The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Water Cycle…. The Water Cycle…. The story of each raindrop. The Sea The The Earth has massive The oceans that store the majority of our water majority At sea, the sun heats At the top layer of the water- it warms up and begins to evaporate. evaporate. Wind also speeds up Wind evaporation. evaporation. The atmosphere The The water vapour rises The high into the air, where it begins to cool down. It condenses on small condenses particles of dust. particles The dust and water The droplets form clouds, which are blown towards the land. towards Inland Inland The clouds gain more The and more water droplets, and get even cooler as they hit hills and mountains. and When the cloud is ‘full When up’ with water, it begins to rain. begins If it is really cold the If rain can form snow. rain What happens to the water? What Some water drains into Some rivers and streams. rivers Some water sinks through Some the soil and rock to become groundwater. become Some water is used by Some plants and animals. plants How do plants use up How water? water? Can you label the diagram? ...
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