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5_growinghealthyplans - 3 Where does a plant get MINERALS...

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LO: Growing healthy plants MINERALS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE PLANT TO KEEP HEALTHY Plants need MINERALS to keep strong and healthy. MINERALS come from the soil If plants don’t get MINERALS their leaves go yellow, pale and thin because they need light and water. Plant food added to the soils make sure that the plant has all the NUTRIENTS (Minerals it needs). 1) Why do plants need MINERALS? _______________________________________________ 2) What happens to a plant when it is NOT getting all it’s MINERALS?
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Unformatted text preview: _______________________________________________ 3) Where does a plant get MINERALS from? _________________________________ 4) Why is PLANT FOOD helpful to the plant? ____________________________________________________ 5) Why do roots have tiny hairs? (look back at your other work) ___________________________________________________________ Flowers make seeds Green leaves use light to make food PHOTOSYNTHESIS Roots take in water and minerals from the soil...
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