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L.0: The purpose of each part of a plant FLOWERS Flowers are necessary for R________________________. They have colour and S_______ to attract insects.  To make P____________ (males sex cells) which join to eggs  (female sex cells).  Part of the F__________ dies and what is left becomes the new  fruit with S_________. LEAVES Necessary for NUTRITION (feeding). The G________ leaves use S___light to change the C________  Dioxide gas and water into food. This is called  P________________. Leaves are very important for N_____________ and excretion 
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Unformatted text preview: (getting rid of waste). STEM Necessary to hold up and M______ the plant towards the S___light. It carries W________ and Minerals from the R________ to the rest of the plant. ROOTS These keep the plant to the G________ so it does not blow away. There are R_____ HAIRS to soak in the W_____ and M____________ from the soil (ground). The roots are very important for N________________. REPRODUCTION SEEDS PHOTOSYNTHESIS POLLEN SMELL GREEN SUN MINERIALS CARBON NUTRITION WATER GROUND ROOT FLOWER...
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