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ecoschool_enterprise - Tips on how to help the environment...

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Task With a partner, design an  information leaflet  for children entitled ‘Caring for the  Environment’.  You will have  1 hour  to complete this task.  Be prepared to show and  talk about your leaflet to the rest of the class at the end.  The most informative and well  presented design will be chosen as the winner.  Think About Different types of pollution and how to reduce them. How to save energy. Why water is so valuable.
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Unformatted text preview: Tips on how to help the environment at school and at home. Plants, trees and animals. E.Hepher Resources available are: white paper/ coloured paper, pencils/ pens, topic books/ the internet, computers with clip art etc., dictionaries, scissors and glue. We will have to: Work cooperatively Manage our time Plan our design and resources Research and check factual information...
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