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Food Groups Dairy Dairy products are good for us because they give us calcium, which is essential for us to  have healthy teeth and bones. Some vegetables also provide us with calcium. (Spinach  and figs).  Meats and proteins Meats are important sources of protein, iron and zinc. Protein helps to keep our body  healthy and repair any damage. Fruit and vegetables Eating fruits and vegetables helps to keep you healthy. Fruit and vegetables provide  our bodies with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Fibre helps to keep our digestive system 
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Unformatted text preview: working by helping our food to move through our system. Fats and sugars Lots of our favourite foods contain fats and sugars. Its fine to eat these foods in moderation but don’t over indulge! Fats can provide us with essential fatty acids, which help our nerves to work properly. Fish oils are very good for this. Cereals and grains These foods are fuel foods and provide us with the energy we need for physical activity and bodily functions. They do this by supplying our bodies with carbohydrates....
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