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Task for the week Homework Returned 1 MON 2 nd Nov What is being healthy? Brainstorm your ideas.  Write your definition. Maybe find it in a dictionary.  2 MON 9 TH Nov What can you do to keep healthy? Research and list ways that you can  do this. How do you keep healthy? 3 MON 16 th Nov Write a food diary for 7 days. Complete the diary sheet. Remember to  include all the different foods you eat. Maybe you could draw some  pictures or cut pictures of food out of magazines. 4 MON 23 rd Nov Write an exercise diary for 7 days. Complete the diary sheet. Write 
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Unformatted text preview: down anything that gets you slightly out of breath. Maybe you could draw some pictures too to show the kind of exercise you do. 5 MON 30 th Nov Create a poster to promote healthy eating or exercise. Remember to make it colourful. Remember you are trying to persuade people to be healthy. 6 MON 7 th Dec Invent a physical game that will increase your heart rate. What equipment will you use? How many people are involved? What are the rules?...
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