LM_flowers - 6. How do insects pollinate flowers?

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Name: ____________ Log on, then click on Internet explorer. Type in the address CAREFULLY! www.bbc.co.uk/schools/4_11/science.shtml Tip: use the shift bar, then the dash key _ Enter the Flash site. Click on Ages 9-10. Click on LIFE CYCLES. Task 1 -dissect the flower. Follow the instructions. 1. Did you get it all correct first time round? _______ Task 2 -use the magnifying glass. 2. What are stamens? ________________________________________________________ 3. What are the nectaries? __________________________________________________ 4. What is a receptacle? ______________________________________________________ 5. What are known altogether as the ‘calyx’? _________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How do insects pollinate flowers? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Task 3-complete the quiz. Answer the questions as you go! 7. Look at Q 3. What is pollination? __________________________________________________________________________ 8. Look at Q 4. Which statement about pollination is true? Write your answer in FULL! 9. Look at Q 6. Do seeds grow legs and walk? ________ 10. Look at Q 7. What is the correct order for a life cycle of a plant? ________________ _________________ __________________ __________________...
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