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SS202 JSA 3/17/08 Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy in Historical Context I. History and the Present a. “Prepares one for future uncertainties” II. Today: America’s Unprecedented Power III. U.S. Power: Essential to the Outcomes of Modern History’s Great Struggles IV. Judging Contemporary Presidents a. George W. Bush i. Poorly planned major war ii. Partisan economic policy V. The Enemy: Islamic Extremism a. Secular Fascists (Ba’athists) i. Syria and Iraq – professed ideology but look for power/wealth/glory ii. Least dangerous – many turned their guns on al-Qaeda b. Radical Shiites (especially Iran) i. Led by government of Iran ii. Bitter rivals with Sunnis. iii. Justify mass slaughter of civilians in the name of holy war c. Radical Sunnis (especially al-Qaeda) i. Justify mass slaughter of civilians in the name of holy war
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Unify the Arab war, destroy Israel and to unify all of Islam and eventually all of the world. VI. Bush responds to September 11, 2001 a. Afghanistan i. Provided safe haven for al-Qaeda ii. Rapid success b. New National Security Strategy, September 2002 i. “Measured preemption” – “forward defense” ii. Stop extremists before they can destroy threats iii. Not a pretext for aggression iv. Cannot remain idle while dangers gather v. Opening societies/building democracies – major element of Bush’s agenda in the middle east c. Iraq i. Unwarranted optimism and inept planning ii. Current dilemma iii. Keep Iraq in perspective VII. “The Great Challenge of Our Time” VIII. A Tentative Interim Balance Sheet on Bush’s Foreign Policy...
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