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quiz_keepinghealthy - -They contain lots of fibre which is...

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KEEPING HEALTHY Name * 1. What does your heart do? -It pumps air around your body -It pumps blood around your body -It pumps blood to just your muscles 2. Which of these would make your heart beat the fastest? -Lying down -Sitting on a chair -Swimming 3. What does your pulse rate tell you? -How fast your heart is beating -How fast you are running -How old you are 4. Why does your heart beat faster when you exercise? -Because it gets excited -To get oxygen to your muscles more quickly -To make a louder noise 5. Which of these is true? -Eating bread or pasta gives us energy to be active -Eating lots of chips helps us grow healthily -Meat gives us most things we need to keep healthy 6. Why are foods like eggs, fish and milk important in a healthy diet?
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Unformatted text preview: -They contain lots of fibre, which is good for your heart-They contain lots of protein, which helps your body grow-They contain lots of sugar 7. Blood moves round your body in special tubes called blood vessels. Which of these is NOT a blood vessel?-A vein-An artery-A ventricle 8. What happens to your blood when it reaches your lungs?-It picks up oxygen-It picks up carbon dioxide-Nothing 9. Where is your heart?-In the middle of your chest-On the right side of your chest-On the left side of your chest 10. Why is smoking cigarettes bad for you?-Because cigarettes can burn your fingers-Because cigarettes can harm your heart and lungs-Because the smoke can get in your eyes...
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