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Name: Date: I Can Explain the Cause and Effects of Scurvy Can you draw and label the food that a sailor in 1750 may have eaten that would have helped prevent him from getting scurvy. Can you use the wordbank to complete these sentences about scurvy? Scurvy is a ___________________ that is caused by not having enough _____________________ in your diet. The symptoms of scurvy include tiredness, bleeding _____________ and a rash on the ______________.
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Unformatted text preview: James ______________ was a _______________ who carried out experiments on __________________ with scurvy. He found out that sailors who ate _______________ and __________________ got better very quickly. Scurvy is very rare in England today as most people are able to eat a healthy, __________________ diet. balanced Lind gums vegetables doctor Vitamin C legs fruit disease sailors...
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