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sort_animals_and_plants - Model science lesson plan using...

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Model science lesson plan using Bloom’s Taxonomy Year 2 Unit 2c Teacher: Date: Day / Vocabulary Objectives Activities Whole class activities/ Teaching strategies Key questions Core activities Differentiation Plenary Key teaching points / questions. 17/04 Vocabulary Living Non-living Limbs Covering Fur Scales Shell Invertebrate Vertebrate Fish Bird Mammal Amphibians Insects Humans Similarities differences Size Longer Shorter Observe Classify Justify to observe and recognise some simple characteristics of animals and plants that the group of living things called animals includes humans to treat animals with care Resoucrces Magnifying glasses Pictures of different animals and plants Collection of real animals and plants Digital camera Electronic microscope Word cards Knowledge & Comprehension: Ask children what which of the vocabulary words mean Application Show chn some pictures specimens of animals and plants e.g.
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