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Unformatted text preview: LO: To understand how a scientific idea can LO: To understand be tested and the evidence used to support the idea In this lesson we will be learning ….. ► What causes the disease scurvy ► What are the effects of having scurvy ► How fair testing was used to find out what caused scurvy ► How observations can be used as part of a fair test What is scurvy? What is scurvy? Scurvy is a disease caused by not having enough vitamin c in your diet. What are the symptoms of scurvy? ► tiredness ► muscle weakness ► joint and muscle aches ► a rash on the legs ► bleeding gums Who suffered from scurvy? Who suffered from scurvy? In the past, scurvy was common among sailors and other people who couldn’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables for long periods of time. How did people find out what caused How did people find out what caused scurvy? ► In 1747, while serving in the Channel on H.M.S. Salisbury, a Scottish doctor called James Lind carried out experiments on sailors who were suffering from scurvy. In those days many British sailor, who In those days many British sailor, who spent along time at sea, suffered from scurvy. James Lind noticed that Dutch sailors who had been at sea for the same length of time were less likely to suffer from scurvy. Why? The Dutch ships carried barrels of fresh fruit for the seamen. Could this be the cure? How did James Lind test his How did James Lind test his idea? He chose twelve sailors and split them into six groups. He made it a fair test by: ►Choosing men who were equally ill ►Having them all laying in the same place ►Feeding them the same meals every day Each group tried out a different cure Each group tried out a different cure ► A quart of cider ► An elixir ► Two spoonfuls of vinegar three times a day ► Half a pint of seawater ► A mixture including mustard seeds, garlic and gum myrrh ► Two oranges and a lemon every day Which groups do you think got better? The results The results ► The sailors who drank the cider were a little better. ► One of the sailors who ate the fruit was fit enough to go back to work in only six days. The other sailor was fit enough to act as a nurse to the other sick men. Can you remember? Can you remember? ► Who was James Lind? ► What terrible disease did he notice that English sailors were getting? ► What did he notice about Dutch sailors? ► What was the difference in their diet? ► What did he decide to do? ► Explain the experiment he carried out. ► How did he make it a fair test? ► What were his results? ► What was his conclusion? ...
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