teeth_cards - Who helps look after our teeth? The dentist...

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Unformatted text preview: Who helps look after our teeth? The dentist How long should we brush our teeth for? 2 minutes How much toothpaste should we use? Size of a pea What colour is the ENAMEL of your tooth? White When should you brush What happensfront What are the What else can you do as What colour when your teeth? should wdecay brush your ell tteeth for? as happens? eeth be? teeth? Morning,lunchtime, beforebed. Bitingmouthwash Toothache,pain White food off Floss, How many teeth is a What are tooth decay? What is bacteria Whatoften should teeth How do the back you baby born with? eat? for? go to the dentist? Whenthetoothhasa None Chewing hole 6 months Every Sugar What does the dentist Whatmany the pulp of What is in soft How foodshole in tooth What is a causeshould do if thereis thetimespart of decay? the tooth? teeth your tooth your he tooth? ytou brush under the eenamel? veryday? Sweets,sugar,fizzy juice Give you a filling Nervesandblood Dentine 3 times What holds your tooth Which way should you What causes Name a food tooth inHow often should you your mouth? that is b a newecay? het rushdyour teeth? gealthy for your teeth. toothbrush? RootSideto side,up and Bacteria vegetables down,3 months round Every roundand e.g.fruits, … Dangerous Decay START Game cards Instructions After printing, colour one of the teeth with black pen – make it look decayed. Print/blow up board to A3, cut and laminate cards. There may not be enough questions but these can be easily edited or duplicated. Each player starts in the middle. Taking turn about, each player/team answers a question. If they answer correctly they move towards the perfect tooth, if wrong, move towards decayed tooth. Winner is first to perfect tooth. ...
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teeth_cards - Who helps look after our teeth? The dentist...

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