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Review for Pop - Review for Pop Chapter 1 What is...

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Review for Pop Chapter 1: What is demography? Demography is the study of: 1) the size and composition of populations according to diverse criteria - age, sex, marital status, educational attainment, spatial distribution, etc 2) dynamic life-course processes that change this composition - birth, death, marriage, migration 3) relationships between population composition and change, and the broader social and physical environment in which they exist World population size over time - absolute size : 6 billion as of 1999, today is 6.5 billion and expected to grow to just over 8 billion by 2030 - 3 largest countries by population in order from high to low (China, India, US, Indonesia, Brazil) - distribution (relative size) - China and India together comprise over 1/3 of world population - Top 3 are over half (3.8 billion) - density - the relationship b/n population size and the space in which the population is located -large size and uneven population distribution can lead to very crowded or densely settled populations - Bangledesh most densely settled Natural Increase: the difference between births and deaths Closed Population: any country in which people cannot come and go, it can only increase or decrease through births and deaths Growth Rate: - Birth rate – death rate + rate of net migration
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Chapter 2: Demographic Data Sources 6 Data Sources: 1) Census: - In 2000, it cost the US 6.5 billion dollars - Uses o find out who is taxable, redistricting, reapportioning, affirmative action, social security, planning (schools, utilities) - 4 Major Features o Individual: each person is to be recorded separately along with his or her traits o Universal : everybody in the specified territory should be counted and
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Review for Pop - Review for Pop Chapter 1 What is...

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