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week4 (dragged) 18

week4 (dragged) 18 - i.e V(x = constant value If a charged...

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Equipotential surface from eight point charges fixed at the corners of a cube August 12, 2010 18 Equipotential Surfaces and Lines ! When an electric field is present, the electric potential has a given value everywhere in space V(x) = potential function ! Points close together that have the same electric potential form an equipotential surface
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Unformatted text preview: i.e., V(x) = constant value ! If a charged particle moves on an equipotential surface, no work is done ! Equipotential surfaces exist in three dimensions. ! We will often take advantage of symmetries in the electric potential and represent the equipotential surfaces as equipotential lines in a plane Thursday, September 16, 2010...
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