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Planet Earth - Review Sheet Exam for Exam 2 Note: Everything on the exam comes from the lectures. This is to help you make an outline, although it may contain some omissions. You are allowed to bring in one 5” x 8” index card with only hand written information on it. You can use both sides of the card. Deformation and Structure Stress - compressive, tensional, shearing, strain Orogenesis; Stress fields and plate tectonics Deformation and resulting changes Strain: Fracture: joint vs. fault; brittle vs. ductile Normal, reverse, thrust fault Folding: anticline vs. syncline Geologic Time Geologic time scale and major subdivisions (e.g. Precambrian, Phaneozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic), relative vs. absolute time Principles of faunal succession, superposition, cross-cutting relatinships Fossils and very general trends used to subdivide timescale (Oldest fossils, Ediacaran fauna, Cambrian explosion, etc.) Lithostratigraphy , unconformity, hiatus, angular unconformity, causes of unconfirmities,
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