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07+complexities+of+comm - Shared meanings/views of reality...

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Complexities of Communication Chicken Dinner: What Goes Wrong Here? Communication Iceberg Visible Aspects of Communication * Interactants (people) * Symbols * Media/Technology Invisible Aspects of Communication * Meaning * How does meaning get made? * Humans create meaning * Learning * First-order information-processing event * Second-order information-processing event * Subjectivity * Negotiation * How is meaning arrived at?
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* Culture * Meanings become inter subjective through communication with others
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Unformatted text preview: * Shared meanings/views of reality constitute culture * Interacting contexts and levels individuals→relationships→groups→ organizations→…. .→societies * Self-reference * Self-reflexivity * Ethics * Politeness, norms, communicative ethics Communication Breakdown? * “Communication Breakdown” is part of a native theory * Invisible aspects of communication explain how different interpretations arise in communication...
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