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Intercultural Communication The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes (Malcolm Gladwell) Intercultural Communication * The symbolic exchange process whereby individuals from different cultural communities negotiate shared meanings in an interactive situation. * A clip from Gran Torino (2008) Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions * Geert Hofstede (1991) derived four cultural dimensions based on his large-scale survey at IBM. * Power distance * Uncertainty avoidance * Individualism-Collectivism * Masculinity-Femininity * Power distance: The degree to which the culture believes that power should be distributed unequally and the decisions of the power holders should be accepted. * Uncertainty Avoidance: The extent to which the culture feels threatened by ambiguous, uncertain situations and tries to avoid them by establishing more structure.
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* Individualism-Collectivism: The degree to which a culture relies on and has allegiance to the self or the group.
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16+intercultural+comm - Intercultural Communication The...

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