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C OMM 300: C OMMUNICATION R ESEARCH Exam 3 NOTE: This review sheet is a guide for you of the material from class and the readings that you will be responsible for on this exam. If it is on here, make sure you know it well, but remember all material from class lectures/discussions is fair game for the exam. How do you design good research? Making valid claims and addressing threats to validity; understanding experiments ( Babbie, Ch. 8 & sections of Ch. 5, 4 & 8) Correlation & causation Independent, dependent and confound variables ( Review ) Attributes vs. variables Internal vs. external validity: definitions and tension between them Threats to a study’s internal validity: history, sensitization Threats to internal validity (participants): selection, maturation, mortality, Hawthorne effect, inter-subject bias Threats to internal validity (researchers): personal attribute effects, expectancy effects,
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