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> > When the function is to change the value of more than one item, we use > > pass by address: > > Let.s say we are to write a function to calculate the sum and average of 3 > > numbers. We need to pass sum or average or both by address. > > > > We have a program, which calls two functions, the first one is to > > calculate the sum and average of three integers, and the second is to > > print the three values and their sum and average.
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Unformatted text preview: In the function call, > > an & is placed in front of each variable. > > > > We are passing the address of these variables into the function and any > > changes made in the function are also made in the main. > > > > > > When passing a variable by address an * is placed in front of the variable > > name in the function header, function prototype and the body of the > > program....
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