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crayon manu - Hello my name is Randall Robert and I am here...

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Hello, my name is Randall Robert and I am here today to explain the pre-retail life of a crayon. This first slide is just a brief overview of the basic steps in crayon manufacturing, which I will go over in detail in just a moment. But for now lets look at the overview. The wax arrives at the plant. This is the main ingredient of a crayon. Read the rest. Melted paraffin wax is stored in these 70k gallon heated silos. It is kept here until the plant is ready to begin the pigmentation process. Now, you may ask your self how does the wax get to the crayon plant. Well, through a heated pipeline of course. The wax will travel through these pipes and into the plant where the pigmentation process will occur. To add “color” to the wax, substances in powder form is mixed into the melted wax. Once the wax has color it will then go onto the molding process. The molding process can yield 1200 crayons at a time, 12 million crayons a day, and 120 billion crayons in the lifetime of the Crayola plant.
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