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Crayon I. History II. Manufactruing Process; a step by step analysis of the crayon manufacturing process A. A brief overview of main processes 1. Wax arrives. 2. Heated machines mix pigment with wax. 3. The wax is poured into molds. 4. Cooling down of wax. 5. Labels are applied. 6. Machines sort loose crayons. 7. Crayons are shipped off. B. Storage 1. 70,000 gallons. 2. Heated to keep paraffin melted. C. Piping system into plants. D. Coloring process 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Substances are ground into powder. 2. Powder is mixed with hot wax and mixed. E. Molding process 1. Wax is poured into molds. 2. Water runs through manifold in mold. 3. Crayons are removed from molds. F. Labeling process 1. Crayons are sorted by color. 2. Labels are put on with corn starch glue. G. Packing process 1. Machines sort crayons. 2. Crayons are boxed mechanically. H. Final store product III. Techniques...
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