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Test 1 - Five Canons of Rhetoric 1 Invention topic...

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Five Canons of Rhetoric 1. Invention – topic; supporting materials 2. Disposition – organization; body, intro, conclusion 3. Elocution – language styles 4. Delivery – Vocal, non-verbal, visual aids 5. Memory – the lost cannon Seven Characteristics of Speech Communication 1. speech has a purposes 2. it involves interaction between two or more individuals 3. it has a distinctive vocabulary 4. speech lacks the visual cues of writing 5. it occurs in a specific setting; place, time, conditions 6. it is transitory. Speeches change even if it is the same speech 7. speech is influenced by different fields of experience. Types of Listening 1. appreciative – listening for personal enjoyment (music) 2. conversational – turn taking style with another person 3. empathic – listening to give emotional support 4. courteous – listening out of politeness (stranger telling you a story) 5. pseudo – fake listening to pretend, passive listening 6. comprehensive – listening to understand (comprehend)
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