Exam 3 Review Winter 2011

Exam 3 Review Winter 2011 - How do you feel about nuclear...

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Exam 3 Review How do you feel about nuclear power? a) I think it is dangerous and its products are dangerous and should be banned. b) I think it is a good source of energy that when properly used is safer then many 2 other forms of energy c) I don’t understand enough to make an informed decision. On the nuclear situation in Japan s http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42103972/n s/world_news-asiapacific/?gt1=43001 s http://www.nytimes.com/cwire/2011/03/16 /16climatewire-radiation-levels-spike- forcing-temporary-ret-87245.html s http://www.slate.com/id/2288212/ Chapter 18 – The law of increasing disorder Types of Processes Reversible Irreversible How do each of these affect disorder (entropy)? Entropy of universe always increases for irreversible ay decrease locally with work May decrease locally with work Forms of Energy How much disorder is in each? Conversion of Energy Forms How does disorder play a part in this?
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Chapter 19 – Atoms, molecules, etc Know the differences between: Element Compound Alloy Blend/Composite olution Solution Know the types of matter: Atomic Molecular Network Formulas of molecules Mass spectrometry Chapter 20 – Principles of chemical reactivity Chemical Bonding New, molecular orbitals Importance of valence electrons Balancing Equations Rates of Chemical Reactions Activation Energy Entropy Catalysts Chemical Equilibrium Chapter 21 – Bonding in metals Properties of Metals What are the electron orbitals like? Include entire piece of metal
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Exam 3 Review Winter 2011 - How do you feel about nuclear...

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