Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Chapter 26 Geologic Time Quiz Did you read...

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Chapter 26 Geologic Time Quiz: Did you read Chapter 26 for today? a) Yes b) No Earth Age of the Earth s 4.6 Billion years since the crust solidified. How we determined this age is today’s topic. s To give a perspective, this is how events would relate if these 4.6 billion years were compressed to one year… PS 100 Lamb Day 29 4 Geologic Time Scale compressed to one calendar year Jan Mar Feb May Apr Jul Jun Aug Oct Sep Dec Nov Earth forms First fossils (algae) multi-celled organisms animals with hard skeletal parts & land plants insects dinosaurs, mammals Humans Grasses Joseph Smith 1 sec before midnight
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We are told that scientists and theologians are at hopeless and irreconcilable variance. I regard the assumption or claim, whichever it be, as an exaggeration. Discrepancies that trouble us now will diminish as our knowledge of pertinent facts is extended. The creator has made record in the rocks for man to decipher; but He has also spoken directly regarding the main stages of progress by which the earth has been brought to be what it is. The accounts can not be fundamentally opposed; one can not contradict the other; though man's interpretation of either may be seriously at fault. James Talmage “The Earth and Man” 1931 The Bible tells us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go. Attributed to Galileo Galilei Relative Dating s A way to determine the sequence of events but not the exact time or date. s
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Chapter 26 - Chapter 26 Geologic Time Quiz Did you read...

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