Anthem vs Bioshock

Anthem vs Bioshock - Manuel Duenas Doc Eastwood 04/26/20101...

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Manuel Duenas Doc Eastwood 04/26/20101 Eng22 Athem Vs. Bioshock Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem is an exaggerated collective world written as a means to show and justify her philosophy of Objectivism. Rand’s views on life are reflected in what can be said to be a very appropriate place to show the effects and results of her ideal society gone horribly wrong. When implementing her ideals we get the game Bioshock . This video game holds strong resemblance to the philosophy of objectivism and its realization in the underwater city of Rapture. Anthem portrays a collective city promoting the use of the pronoun “we.” This shows an emphasis on how language reflects the social structure; using only plural use in the collective. We gradually see a world more and more confined and limited to what is good for society and not for ones self. In fact the novel goes on to say that you basically sacrifice your identity and individuality for everybody else. Rand molds a world that would be a nightmare to the reader. Rand definitely goes out of her way to provide us with a place not ideal to any of us today as we all are self involved and probably would not survive long in this society where everything we do as individuals in reality is a sin in Anthem . “I” find this very convenient for her philosophy to take flight. Of course anyone stripped of their person would live to resent the society not in the business of recognizing progress for the sake of progress. Equality 7-2521 the main character is apparently the victim that is rejected by the city when he seeks to think and love. As Equality is enlightened he becomes reserved in his values and only his values. As we learn more
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Anthem vs Bioshock - Manuel Duenas Doc Eastwood 04/26/20101...

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