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Eng 22 Eastwood 05/08/2011 Brook Farm a Past Reality Brook Farm was to be “a New Jerusalem, the “city of God, anew.” [1] Unitarian minister George Ripley in 1841 founded New England’s first utopian community, Brook Farm. Along with a group of Transcendentalist Unitarians, Brook Farm became “The symbol of Universal Unity.” [2] The origination of Brook Farm stemmed from Ripley’s, “Increasing knowledge of European writers together with a dissatisfaction with many aspects of contemporary society.” [3] It was in Groton Massachusetts where George Ripley attended a Christian union convention and was filled with the thought of establishing a community living. Generally the foundations of George Ripley’s Brook Farm were influenced by a new idea at the time of social worship. Ripley stated, "for the purpose of Christianity is to redeem society as well as the individual from sin." Explaining his principle ideals in a letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson one year prior to the establishment of Brook Farm, Ripley wrote: "Our objects as you know, are to insure a more natural union between intellectual and manual labor . .. guarantee the highest mental freedom, by providing all with labor, adapted to their tastes and talents, and securing to them the fruits of their industry . .. thus to prepare a society of liberal, intelligent, and cultivated persons, whose relations with each other would permit a more simple and wholesome life, than can be led amidst the pressures of our competitive institutions." [4] The novel Anthem by Ayn Rand has very similar principles to Brook Farm when Ripley talks of his ideals in detail. Anthem had labor provided that was adapted to people while people definitely led more simple lives. 1
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Brook Farm Research essay - 1 Manuel Duenas Eng 22 Eastwood...

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