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Research Essay: It seems that the recent nuclear headlines have swept the nation reminding us the complications of creating energy. While our eyes have been directed toward such nuclear troubles over seas the issues here in our very own country have been swept under the rug. Yes! There are other forms of energy that drastically affect us and our environment. Carbon emission is well in the works of contributing to the infamous greenhouse effect. Mean while, factories that fire coal are producing many unsafe emissions that pose critical health issues to surrounding communities. Finally, consuming coal is a form of destroying fossil fuels which takes millions of years to form and the results again leads to greenhouse gasses and harmful emissions. Since society is not ready to totally switch over to alternative sources of energy I believe it in the best interest of the U.S. to reduce carbon consumption and emissions. Implementing this strategy would create a better sense of regulation, while shedding excess energy plants and revealing creative ways to produce useful energy. Either the sun is getting hotter exponentially, or our unperfected forms of energy are damaging our atmosphere to the point where it is hosting holes and thinned areas unlikely to benefit our way of living today. “Emissions from coal-fired plants have been implicated in respiratory illness, acid rain and, most recently, climate change.” [1] In short ground level air pollution such as emissions of nitrogen oxide, a crucial component in smog and ground-level ozone, sulfur dioxide emissions and carbon dioxide are too much of a surplus and need to breakeven at some point to where conditions on the earth’s surface can continue to be habitable. “Eight states — from California to New York, plus New York City — sued six corporations responsible for one-fourth of the American electric power industry’s emissions of carbon dioxide.” [1] Currently the unfavorable emissions of coal firing have extended its ghastly arm
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Research Essay finished - Research Essay: It seems that the...

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