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Final EDGE SP05Sol - Analysis of Algorithms UF Edge Final...

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Analysis of Algorithms UF Edge Final Exam Spring 2005 Page 1 of 13 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution EXAM INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROCTORS & SITE COORDINATORS This exam is for:_____COT5405 (Dr. Ranka) ___________________________ (Course number and Professor) Please return exam to: _______P K Manna, TA, COT5405 ____________________________________ UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Department name ____ Computer & Information Science ______ (Please enter PO Box _____ 116120 ____________________________ Bldg. # and Bldg.# and Rm # ___ CSE room E301 ___________________ Room # for Gainesville, FL. _____ 32611 ______________ Courier delivery) Zip___________ FAX Number ____ 352-392-1220 ____ PH. Number ___ 352-392-1200 __ DUE DATE:__Dec 22 , 2005 _________________ INSTRUCTIONS: Last lecture or tape to be viewed before exam: ALL Time limit for taking the exam: 120 minutes Type of test - Open Book Closed Book X Take-Home Or (other) Notes Allowed: (YES/NO) ______ No _________ Calculators Allowed: (YES/NO) _______ No ________ Computer Allowed: (YES/NO) _______ No ________ Other Specifications (crib sheets, special tables, references, etc.): No Proctor Required: (YES/NO) ______ YES _________ CERTIFICATION: This examination has been administered in accordance with the regulations printed on the reverse side of this sheet and the conditions specified above. Signature of Proctor Date/Time Administered PLEASE RETURN THIS SHEET WITH THE EXAMS NOTE: Do not enclose any other exams or other materials in the envelope with this exam. PROCTOR: PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THE COMPETED EXAM AND FILE IT UNTIL THE GRADED EXAM IS RETURNED.
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REGULATIONS FOR ADMINISTERING EXAMINATIONS The conditions set forth on the exam instruction sheet must be rigorously observed in administering examinations in connection with the University of Florida, College of Engineering’s off-campus graduate credit courses. 1. Upon receipt, these exams must be put in a secure location for safekeeping until the exam is administered. 2. If for any reason the exam cannot be administered prior to the due date, agreement on alternative arrangements MUST be reached IN ADVANCE with the course professor. 3. The local site coordinator or a designated proctor must be present during the entire period of the examination unless stated otherwise in the exam instructions. Please verify the students identification with a picture ID (drivers license, visa, company picture ID), if unknown to you. 4. No communication is permitted among the students taking the examination unless specified in the instructions on the front of this document.
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Final EDGE SP05Sol - Analysis of Algorithms UF Edge Final...

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