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Unformatted text preview: COT 5405, Test 3 SOLUTIONS 1. (10 points) Let T [i] be an optimal profit derived when last job terminates at time i. Then T [i] = maxj {pj + T [i − tj ]} for j such that dj ≤ i. Hence computation of every T [i] requires O(n) time, we need to do this up to O(n2 ) times, hence overall complexity is O(n3 ). 2. (10 points) Let N (i) be an optimal number of coins needed to solve coin-changing problem. Then N (i) = 1 + minj {N (i − Aj )}. Hence computation of every N (i) requires O(n) time. We need to compute C such values, hence overall time is O(nC ). 1 ...
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