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COP 3275 C Language Special Notes #2 How to change the file name to “.c” file? A lot of students are turning in “.txt” file instead of “.c” source file for their programming assignment. Though the file contains their source code, the GCC compiler will not recognize it. So before we grade your homework, we’ll have to rename your file. That did not cost you any points in PA1, but you should be able to do it by yourself. Here’s a couple of ways to do it: 1. If you’re using Linux, then it’s easy: Just right click the file and choose ”rename”. 2. If you’re on Windows, the file extension “.c” or “.txt” is usually hidden by the Operating System. So in order to see it, (in Windows 7) in a file folder: choose “organize” -> folder option -> View -> and uncheck “hide extension
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