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COP 3275 C Language, Fall 2011 A Survey on the Student Background given by Jonathan C.L. Liu Out: Aug. 29 (Monday), 2011 Due: Wed. Aug. 31 or Fri. Sep. 02, 2011 This is an anonymous survey in order to let the instructor determine the better pace/design for teaching this course. Please do NOT list your name or ID on your answers. There are 3 questions in total. Question 1: Please tell me your status of study (e.g., junior year in which major) Question 2: Have you taken any programming classes (e.g., Java as in COP 2800) before? If your
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Unformatted text preview: answer is YES, please indicate when/which course(s), names of instructors and the text-book(s) used. Question 3: Have you written C programs (even in C++ IDE) before? If your answer is YES, please describe in details on what and how did you accomplish the programming tasks. For example, was the programming task an assignment or project? Was it a team-work e±ort? Did you ²nish the task from the scratch or someone (e.g., TA or instructor) provides you some starting templates?...
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