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SOC 200 STRATIFICATION PAPER The web site: is a place to learn about the background, personal stories, resources, games, and the film of social class in America. It is a very interesting website and makes you see things in different points of view regarding the social classification. For example, through three game links on this website, it is amazing how to identify where we belong. The first game named “Chintz or Shag”, decorating the living room shows the class taste we choose for our fantasy living room. There three characters in this game: 1. Stiles Minturn Bathurst IV (Blue Blood lineage), 2. Henry Jones (middle class) and 3. Betty Cwiklowski ( The second game named “Identify this” has a meter from 0 to 10 starting at the bottom as “Not so Savvy” and ending at the top “Class Savvy”. According to the , the adjective word “savvy” is defined as shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny. There are 5 objects and below there are 5 options to click on: Chris Craft, Bush Hog, Beamer, Four Wheeler, and Double Wide. The third game named “Name that class” has a meter to measure the American Social Class system you belong through multiple choices regarding where you choose to eat a sandwich, where choosing to have vacations, choosing the profession of children, and choosing a possible spouse. The meter is divided in 5 sections, starting from the lower: trailer park, blue collar, middle, new money, and old money. After playing the game, you will find out that every choice we make, belong to a specific social class. The website has redefined the way Consumer Markets in American Society are analyzed. Customer segmentation profiling information included in MyBestSegments encompasses a variety of categories about consumer markets, including travel, eating out, shopping, auto purchases and much more! Demographic characteristics such as education, income, housing and race/ethnicity are also available. There is detailed information about market segments for analysis. 1
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People living in the same neighborhoods tend to have similar lifestyles, proving the old adage that "birds of a feather flock together" still holds true. To a large extent, you are where you live! PRIZM NE
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stratification2doc - SOC 200 STRATIFICATION PAPER The web...

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