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Chapter 24: Radioactivity Practice Write a reaction for each of the following: 1. An atom of 82 Br undergoes an alpha decay 2. An atom of Hydrogen-3 undergoes a beta decay 3. An atom of 191 Pt undergoes an electron capture 4. An atom of Californium-255 undergoes three alpha decays and one gamma decay. 5. An atom of Osmium-184 undergoes a positron emission.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Predict the type of decay you would expect for each atom: 231 Pa Atomic number = 91, alpha decay expected 190 Re Atomic number = 75, neutrons = 115, N/Z ratio = 1.533, beta decay expected Calcium-38 Atomic number = 20, neutrons = 18, N/Z ratio = 0.9, positron emission or electron capture expected...
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