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Vapor%20Pressure%20Calculations - Note atmospheric pressure...

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Vapor Pressure Calculations 1. Given that a substance has a vapor pressure of 85 torr at 15 Celsius, solve for the vapor pressure at -15 Celsius. The H vap = 65 kJ/mol for this substance. 2. In the above problem, solve the temperature (in Celsius) where the vapor pressure would be 350 torr. 3. In problem 1, find the boiling point of the substance (in Celsius) at atmospheric pressure.
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Unformatted text preview: Note, atmospheric pressure is equal to 760 torr. 4. Given a new substance that has a vapor pressure of 0.15 atm at 20 Celsius, and the vapor pressure doubles when you heat it 10 degrees Celsius, solve for the ∆ H vap of this substance....
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