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CHEM L2I2 pH practice and weak acids 1. A solution is found to have [HgO.J = 2.5 * ].0-10. Solve for the [OHl, pH and pOH of this solution. this solution acidic or basic? laH = (-qo F H = ?'aa 2' When L2.5 e of NaOH are dissolved into a 5.00 L container, solve for [H3O*], [OHl, pH and poH of this solution. Lonl= Yo-" = l'/o-t 1 2't'[o-o [//ro{J=# =/-6to-'' = O, g/2 t -rl Vu>ffi t)_6o = o.o62ttq = Lo//J Pct'l =/'7o 5,oo L 3. What is the pH of a solution that is 0.15 M C6H5OH (K" = 1.g * 1g-ro,t 2 CnHroH +H2o > toHrd+Hro* {y x.-- =,o o'15 o o o''t/
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Unformatted text preview: + F O o,tt-t x < x=7.n7'/a-L=[4oJ p]/_ f,l/ 4' solveforthe ( ofa weak acid, that when a solution o.1oo M ofthe weak acid is made, the resutting sof ution has a pH of 2.074. / V O. os'/,,t O,3l)5 a" I 0,)ro-x 0,>t -f Hl + Hao o,{ao-r 0,1 oo-{ x x 5. Solve for the pH of a 0.250 M solution of (CH3)zNH (Ko = 5.9 * 10*) ( c u)t tlH + Hro + (r u)rll U,, + oH -Hroa {- / -fao*J= /o+'u" = o.0o/rz3 o o K- o'o06r3v +X +X ( o.oa6q r9)^ K, = 7.7 7./o-q (o.t -o,aaf'rz>) o +r X o J-Y d f. x^ 5./'/o-{ : O.ts y f,= 0,oD/{ = LOUJ (H= tr.0i...
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