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CHEM I2I2 Strai ght-forward Buffers Equations / a- \ pH: - log [H3O*] pKu: - log Ku pH = pK, + logl :. I " -[HAJ Consider a 1.0 L buffer solution that is 0.10 M HNOz and 0.10 M NOz- The Ku of HNOz is 4.5 * 10-a 1. Begin by labeling the weak acid and the conjugate base: 14 No2 Mor- 2. Using the equation above solve for the pH of this buffer solution Vt.t = -/"g('{.s /c'') + lo1 (# ) P )/= 7.2 f 3. Now consider if acid is added to the buffer solution. Write a chemical reaction showing how acid reacts with the buffer (consult your notes if you're not sure): iluo+ + t,)0; --a i"lr} r HMo. ( Tt,;' ,s6af)"n tLo,e wly a'/'/;,, a t )l /ow,,, [UorJ, ,"t ..,tis(t llWr] ) 4. The addition of 0.02 mol of HCI to this buffer will reduce the cohcentration of NOz- to 0.08 M and
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Unformatted text preview: the concentration of HNOr to 0.12 M. Is this consistent with the reaction you wrote in question 3? 5. Solve for the pH of the buffer solution after the HCI has been added: r / , , r r , ^ - q \ , t / O . o g \ /H ='/a1 r 7')''L' / . /ogtffi / pt-l =7,1 7 '|.,|.'k***'l{.'r*{.*{.{.*,F{.{.'|.{.**{.{.'|.'&'&:&'&'|.*'|.*'&*'|.,t*{.,F,F,&,r,|.,|.{.:|.{.'|.!&*'&{.{<*,|<,|<'k,|<'*** 6. What is the pH of pure water? -/ ,/ 7. When 0.02 mol of HCI is added to 1.0 L of pure water, the resulting concentration of [HsO*] = 0.02 M. What is the pH of the resulting solution? Lzo 8. Compare the pH changes of adding acid to the buffer versus adding acid to pure water and solve which has a larger change? B u({'r \/)'t e r v.)r -4 ).17 7 .- l- Za...
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